Chioggia / Italien

Die kleine Schwester Venedigs - Ghioggia

The little sister of Venice – Ghioggia

Chioggia – “Little Venice”

Everyone has heard of Venice, but not everyone knows about the small romantic city of Chioggia located in the south of the Venetian lagoon. “Little Venice”, as it is called by the Chioggiotti – the local – is home to a wonderful, old Venetian styled city centre with small alley ways, graced by historic colorful buildings along the charming canals. While Venice may be pompous and grandiose, Chioggia is authentic and charming. Causeways connect the island to the mainland, and there is a wide sandy beach on the sea side. On a clear day, you can see Venice from the end of the main street on the Vigo Bridge. The city is best seen on bike. Allow yourself to be romanced by the charming alleyways and the best of Italian cuisine.

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In the ancient, romantic Ghioggia – Restaurant “La Sgura” – fresh fish, fresh mussels served with a variety of pasta al dente – great Italian!