Military Tattoo in Edinburgh

Military Tattoo in Edinburgh

Edinburgh – magical and mysterious – straight out of the Middle Ages

Arriving in the center of Edinburgh, with the dramatic castle in the background, you cannot help but feel as though you have stepped back in time, and the charm of the city makes you want to jump straight out of the taxi and right into a horse drawn carriage. Walking along the Royal Mile, it is easy to imagine how life around the seat of Scottish Kings must have been in centuries past.

The rugged Capital of Scotland is not only reminiscent of its impressive past. The annual festivals such as the renowned ‘fringe’ or the legendary ‘military tattoo’ testify to the creativity of the Scots, and their wonderful ability to combine old traditions with modern influences.
The old town centre with its picturesque buildings and medieval flair alongside historical places and soothing green hills are just waiting to be discovered. The unique tartan Scottish kilt testifies to the abiding nature of these people. Edinburgh takes you on a journey through the middle ages.

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If you have the chance to get tickets, make sure you visit the Military Tattoo in August.