Idea & Book

The Travel Revolution - your guidebook Some years ago I myself am randomly on the topic of “House & Home exchange” and pushed through the book by Tim Ferries “The 4-Hour Work Week”. Together with my husband I decided to try the House Exchange once. Of course we had the same concerns and thoughts that everyone has as soon as he hears it.

Above all there is the question: Strangers sleep in your beds and live in your absence in your home?

But after the first successful exchange any concerns were swept away. And once you consider how many people had already slept in the hotel bed, where you last stayed,  how many do you know? We were repeatedly asked by friends, acquaintances and family members to this kind of traveling, so I finally decided to publish a this practical guide.

It does not only describe and explains this procedure in detail, but also highlights the many benefits and provides an overview of all researched exchanges on the internet. Also included are useful forms and checklists.

The guidebook “The Travel Revolution” opens the door to your dream holidays in which you can travel at half the price! AVAILABLE as eBook or paperback.