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… that will of course emerge. Some of them will be answered here.
Many other questions & answers can be found in the book.

Who exchanges? How trustworthy are the members of online home exchange networks?
Most swappers are people very similar to you, but from various backgrounds and in different phases of their lives. Swappers can be anybody from retired couples to single people, groups of friends or entire families. They are honest, open and worldly people, who are generally very well educated and are aware of the advantages that home exchanging can bring.

How much does a Home Exchange cost?
Absolutely nothing! The only costs are those associated with your annual membership fees for the online home exchange networks you choose to sign up with. The average fee is around 120 Euro and is incomparable to the amount of money you would spend on two short nights in a mid-range hotel. The benefits to home exchanging largely outweigh the small annual membership fee!

Does someone really want to take a vacation in my home?
There are so many possible reasons why one may want to vacation in your home. Perhaps your neighborhood or region is interesting and offers some benefits, or perhaps your potential exchange partners have friends and family in your area that they would like to visit or perhaps they are people who simply want to get to know a country from the inside, like a local. Of course, if you happen to have a lovely home in a popular destination then your chances of finding your dream exchange partner will be much higher!

Can I only swap with members who have a similar home to mine?
No! The size or location of your home does not negatively affect your chances of finding an exchange partner. There are always reasons for people wanting to come and visit your neighborhood, region or country. Various forms of swapping are common and there is always a good chance that someone is willing to exchange their beach side villa for your studio apartment in the centre of a big city. Anything is possible!

Many other questions & answers can be found in the book, such as:
- Do I  need to worry about hygiene when it comes to bedding, sports equipment or the like?
– Who will take care of the garden, my plants or my pets?
– Which insurance cover my home and household items?
- How often can I swap?
- Is it necessary to have an exchange contract or written agreement?
– What to do if something breaks?
– What happens if my exchange partner cancels shortly before the planned trip?
– Should I be weary of Car Sharing?
– How long will it take until I can enjoy a dream holiday on my own?
– I rent but do not own my home. Can I still exchange?
– and much more