Sydney mit seinem weltberühmten Opera House

Sydney / the famous Opera House

Sydney – a metropolis with „Beach Flair“ and lifestyle Sydney is home to an idyllic setting along the water, with an impressive harbor. This metropolis doesn’t just offer architectural masterpieces such as the world-famous Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, but also spectacular nature scenes everywhere you go. Despite the millions of people who call Sydney home, there is always a quiet place to be found in one of the city’s beaches or the stunning botanical garden in the heart of the city. This city is sure to captivate you and will entice you to make the most of your visit there. The lifestyle and leisure options provide something for everyone; from a variety of recreational facilities, to sporting activities and to cultural performances and a seemingly endless selection of delicious delights of all kinds. The culinary diversity of Sydney is mirrored in the multi-cultural melting pot of people from all around the world.  Sydney will welcome you with tolerance and friendliness and it will not take long until you feel right at home. See for yourself what it means to live by the Aussie motto of “no worries” while you enjoy the freedom and liberality of Sydney Discover Australia (Discover Guides)” target=”_blank”>The best travel guide >> A place to enjoy >> Special coffee in a relaxed, casual atmosphere is available from the “Butcher’s Cafe” in Manly / Fairlight – best coffee & delicious desserts variants!