La Jolla / Californien

Der Strand von La Jolla ist auch bei den Robben beliebt.

The beach of La Jolla – also popular with the seals.

La Jolla – the “Jewel” of San Diego La Jolla is just 22 km north of the center of San Diego and translated from Spanish it affectionately means jewel. Numerous beaches lining the Pacific Ocean are strung along the coast of La Jolla and the California surfing culture which became popular with four-time Surfing World Champion Robby Nash in the 1960s continues to live on. La Jolla does offer more than just an attractive surfing and beach lifestyle. A short stroll through the city center showcases the upper class lifestyle that the local’s are famous for. Cozy cafes and retro fashionable restaurants are inviting and present the best of West coast and International cuisines. Even the seals enjoy this way of life, and you can watch them play in the so called Children’s Pool. Experience all that California has to offer and feel like a Star in La Jolla! Hidden San Diego: Including La Jolla, the Zoo, San Diego County Beaches, and Tijuana” target=”_blank”>The best travel guide >> A place to enjoy >> Legendary – the “Cody’s” in La Jolla – not just for coffee & breakfast – definitely try: Fish & Chips!