Lake McKenzie / Fraser Island

Der Lake McKenzie auf Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island/Australia Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world – is an exhilarating experience graced with wandering dunes, impressive nature and nearly 200 freshwater lakes. It has been confirmed that the Aboriginal Butchulla tribe have inhabited the Island for over 5,000 years and refer to the island as K’gari, which translates to “paradise” – and it not hard to understand why. According to Aboriginal Legend, K’gari is the goddess who helped the god Beeral, create the earth. K’gari loved the earth and begged Beeral to be allowed to live there, so Beeral turned K’gari into an idyllic island. It is inevitable not to feel some sense of spirit in this exceptional paradise. The crystal clear, deep blue ‘Lake McKenzie’ is so low in nutrients that virtually no animals can survive in it or off of it. The pH-value is equal to zero, which actually really nourishes hair – so dive in! The Lake is filled only with rain water, as there is neither a tributary nor a drain into the sea. With a bit of luck, you get to meet a few dingoes too. Also, the 75-mile beach on the East side of Fraser Iceland is unique, because this beach is listed officially as highway and is marked on the maps as a road. So many things which are out of the ordinary – all on one single sand island! Lonely Planet Queensland & the Great Barrier Reef (Travel Guide)” target=”_blank”>The best travel guide >> A place to enjoy >> This time no culinary place but an active one. Pamper yourself in the crystal clear waters of Elli Creeks drive … glorious!