Salzburg - die Stadt für Jedermann

Salzburg – die Stadt für Jedermann

Salzburg – more than just Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Mozart has quite clearly influenced this wonderful, idyllic and green city. Nevertheless, “Woiferl’s” (as locals lovingly refer to him as) hometown offers much more than just following the history of his tracks. The charming flair of the venerable Bischofsstadt (city of bishops) can be felt in every alley way and enchants visitors all throughout the year. Admire the architecture which reflects the ages; ranging from impressive churches to the Palace and over to the private homes which line the alley ways to the enthroned Fortress Hohensalzburg. Culture is strong in Salzburg and presents itself in several facets. The famous Salzburg Festspiele (festivals) attracts visitors in the summer months as well as the  Sound of Music tour or the many cultural shows that take place throughout the year. Open Air music concerts take place in the shadows of the famous Salzburg Cathedral, while Mozart Week, Easter Festivals and the Salzburg Advent Choir at the traditional Christmas market are just some of the things that appeals to visitors all throughout the year. The culinary aspects of this city are diverse and present traditional tasty temptations that should be enjoyed. Delicacies such as Fleischstrudelsuppe (a meat strudel soup), or a g’schmackiger Schweinsbraten (pork roast) or the world famous Salzburg Nockerl will leave every foodies heart beating a little bit faster. Salzburg is surrounded by a charming landscape and is romantically set along the river, presenting many opportunities to be active outdoors while also having savoring the nature. No wonder that ‘Woiferl’ could be so creative. Rick Steves’ Vienna, Salzburg & Tirol” target=”_blank”>The best travel guide >> Need tickets for a concert, open-air or show in Salzburg >> A place to enjoy >> A special “coffee enjoyment-Platz” is the Rösthaus and Cafe “220 Grad” – coffee in perfection!