What’s the advantage?

Ausblick aus dem Apartment unseres Tauschpartners in Manly

View from the balcony from our exchange partner  in Manly

Enjoy many advantages with Home Exchange
The most powerful argument is certainly the enormous savings potential – You can save more than 50% of your holiday costs.

This in turn allows you more often and longer to go on holiday or to spend your dream holiday intensive because additional budget for more activities will be free. You can also discover dream destinations that might otherwise not be possible due to the high travel costs, for example, when traveling overseas.
A great haven of home exchange are certainly the “extra” amenities that you can enjoy in the home of the exchange partner. Not only that, it is cozy and larger than a hotel room or holiday apartment.

Additionally you will find the washing machine, dishwasher even an umbrella or a BBQ  – just about anything! Always consider this aspect of sharing: Sharing is Happiness! At first glance, this may not seem so important to you, however “sharing” is currently a popular trend and saves a lot of resources. Times are changing and mentalities are changing with the times.

A lot of people are starting to realize that material goods and money don’t bring happiness. Less is definitely more! There are many houses and apartments empty in the holiday season. As a “swapper” you do not only share your home but benefit from it as well.  Home exchanges will bring you more happiness, and also make your dream vacations unforgettable!

You are able to live in homes or apartments that you may only be able to dream about in another life. There are many more benefits that you will mention as a future “home-exchanger” or “Swapper”.

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