The new trend

Tauschen und Teilen – das neue

Sharing & Exchanging is part of our world.

Sharing is booming!

“Apartment, house, car, evening dress:  Sharing & Exchanging revolutionized our relationship with the property” title popular magazines. Also in the field trips, the “share & exchange” finds its way into our lives and changed quite succinctly the way we travel.

Methods of swapping and exchanging a wide array of products and services have come into fashion and continue to bring people pleasure; whether it be by doing something good for the environment, helping other people, saving money, or not falling victim to modern day consumerism – both parties are able to profit.

Furthermore, there are social networks such as *Facebook or *WhatsApp who serve to share and communicate social information amongst its members. Photos, experiences, friend lists and current statuses of all kinds are exchanged and communicated on an ongoing basis. There are countless social media options which allow one to network both virtually and socially; from sharing videos via YouTube to sharing short and sometimes viral updates on Twitter.

There are also forms of sharing which benefit different people on several (and sometimes deeper) levels. One person may give something up, or share something but there is also another who receives and profits in some way – as well as with home exchange. Current examples include anything from Car-Sharing to Food-Sharing, or the exchange of tools, toys, books, DVDs or clothing.

One of the greatest potentials of the exchange system lies in the home exchange networks. Home exchanging is growing rapidly worldwide and its success can be seen in the thousands of members who are successfully continuing the trend.