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Home Exchange AdvantagesA dream holiday at half the price – does this seem realistic to you? You may be asking yourself what the catch is, however I can assure you that there is no catch.

You will not only be able to travel to your dream destination, but also experience countless new aspects of this travel revolution. Allow yourself to gain new perspectives as you read through the pages of this book, and be pleasantly surprised as you come to realize that it is possible to experience your dream holiday at half the price.

Before I reveal the secrets of how to benefit from more rewarding, fulfilling, and longer holiday stays, let me say a few words about the general social developments in the Tourism industry. The term “Share Economy” was coined by Harvard Economist Martin Weitzman  and essentially means that sharing amongst market participants increases prosperity for all. Most of us have already shared or exchanged something in the past, and are familiar with the experience and how good it feels, and the personal advantages it allows.

Regardless of whether or not one decides to implement the “Share Economy” theory, one thing is clear: it allows everyone to profit. Sharing and Exchanging have revolutionized both the tourism industry and the world by positively influencing the way we live and travel.

The travel revolution has become part of our modern day culture! The development of the world wide web and access to the internet have both contributed to urbanizing social ideas. Methods of swapping and exchanging a wide array of products and services have come into fashion and continue to bring people pleasure; whether it be by doing something good for the environment, helping other people, saving money, or not falling victim to modern day consumerism – both parties are able to profit.

There are also forms of sharing which benefit different people on several (and sometimes deeper) levels. One person may give something up, or share something but there is also another who receives and profits in some way. Current examples include anything from Car-Sharing to Food-Sharing, or the exchange of tools, toys, books, DVDs or clothing. Home Sharing or Home Exchanges is currently the most popular trend in the travel industry and this is evidenced by its high demand across several areas.

However, the idea of home exchanges is not new. The movement started in the 1950s when several teachers from Scandinavia regularly sought opportunities for exchanging vacation homes with other families (also teachers) for temporary holiday purposes. It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that the first catalogue originated which featured home stays and listed them for a certain amount of money to exclusive members. This required a good amount of planning in advance as well as a lot of patience since communication was sent by mail and not via the internet.

However it did initiate a very solid start and the idea was able to gain a lot of popularity, allowing the movement to grow. My husband and I have been exchangers, or so called “swapper’s” for some time now and we have been able to convince several of our friends that this form of traveling does indeed offer countless advantages and makes life richer in many regards.

In my book you will find a lots of tips and helpful information but also the advantages and possibilities associated with home exchanges – from the first step on. If you are already a seasoned swapper looking for more enhancing your experiences, then this book is for you also! You will find a wide variety of suggestions, tips, checklists and links to internet sites as well as we are happy to be able to share our experiences with you and make your home exchange a success so that you can take advantage of dream vacations around the world – for half the price.

Don’t forget, you save more than 50% money on your next dream holiday!

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